Start of Session

At Grange Primary School children will stay within the school and proceed directly to the club. They will not be permitted to return for forgotten items. P1 & P2 children will be collected from the infant area and escorted by a member of staff. Children attending any extra-curricular classes should enquire regarding current arrangements.

At Seaview Primary School children will proceed to the club assembly point. The children will be met by staff and escorted to the club room once assembled.

Every effort is made to locate any child who is booked in and does not turn up. If your child is forgetful or goes to the club on different days each week, it might be helpful to ask his/her teacher to remind them at the end of the day to go to the Club. With this in mind it is especially important if your child is off school that you try and remember to notify the Club to avoid any unnecessary crises. Please note the School does not share information with the Club.

At both sites on full days and for the Early Bird Club children must be brought into the Club and the attendance register signed, noting the time of entry, before they become our responsibility.

No responsibility can be accepted for any incident occurring between home and entry to the Club.