Our Service

MOOSCC operate two sites. One located in Grange Primary School and the other in Seaview Primary School.

The core services provided between the two sites are an Early Bird Club and After School Club and a Holiday Club. We offer an Out Of School Service as follows:

Early Bird Club – provides a safer alternative to children being dropped in the playground and allows parents to arrive at work on time. Early Bird – Monday to Friday 8am to 9am at Grange and Seaview.

After School Club – bridges the gap between school and home time, with 2 ½ hours of fun packed activities. After School – Monday to Friday until 3.10/3.20pm to 5.45 pm.

Primary One Club – helps to make the transition for nursery to school easier by providing wrap around care for the new intake of pupils, who for the first weeks of their education finish school at lunchtime.

Holiday Club and In-service Days – fills school holidays with activities and trips and takes away some of the stress for working parents who have to find childcare for 8 weeks out of the year.

The Management Committee meets on a monthly basis to deal with any issues that have arisen. These meetings are open to all parents/guardians to attend a crèche is available if you require childcare. They are held at Grange MOOSCC at 7pm with the exception of the AGM.

The day to day running of the Club is carried out by the Manager, who is responsible for a team of Practitioners and Support Workers. The Manager is also responsible for liaising with the Management Committee.

The Club operates in accordance with a set of documented Policies and Procedures, which are designed to help us achieve our aim of providing quality care.

MOOSCC operate from two sites:

Grange Primary School                                                        Seaview Primary School

Grange Road                                                                        Victoria Street

Monifieth                                                                               Monifieth

Angus                                                                                    Angus

DD5 4LU                                                                               DD5 4HL

01382 533996                                                                       01382 530497

moosccgrange@aoosc.com                                                moosccseaview@aoosc.com

We offer an Out Of School Service as follows:

Allocation of Places – Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis depending on availability of places on specific days. We operate a waiting list as required. At present the places are allocated by the Manager.

Snacks – in today’s society there is a high emphasis on taking the healthier option. After consultation with the Environmental Health Department, we follow their recommendations to provide better and healthier choices of snacks for all the children attending our Club.

Fruit is available everyday as well as fresh water which is available throughout the session.