Booking Form

The Club has been working with the new booking form since May 2018 which has proved easier to use for both the Parents and the Staff. There are copies in the club which staff will be happy to take you through. This now includes columns for “In-Service” day requests.

We have also created a “Holiday Period Only” booking form which will cover Spring / Summer / October holidays.

Prices have been revised as per the March 2019 AGM meeting and published on this website on the 1st of April 2019

Please contact MOOSCC directly for further details.

Please read the instructions in the form and contact the club if you have any queries. There is a “Sample” tab on each spreadsheet/PDF to give some visual guidance.

As we are developing this system we are always interested to hear back from the users, any constructive comments relating to the booking process as we are always looking to improve this process for yourselves as well as the staff involved.


 MOOSCC Revised Term Time & In-Service days Booking Form 6th May 2019 – Excel Version

 MOOSCC Revised Holiday Booking Form 6th May 2019 – Excel Version

Microsoft Excel version with automatic calculation of prices including discounts – This is our preferred option.

Save the form to your computer as a template and update a new copy each time you wish to notify us of bookings in advance. Then just email it back to us. The office will then update their system and email back a confirmation for your records.


 MOOSCC Revised Term Time & In-Service days Booking Form 6th May 2019- PDF VERSION

 MOOSCC Revised Holiday Booking Form 6th May 2019 – PDF VERSION

The above PDF version is for use if you are not able to access Microsoft Excel (or compatible software).

This can be printed out and written on, then handed into the Office or scanned and emailed back to us.