Transportation of Children Policy

Monifieth Out Of School Care Club will ensure that when transporting children all legal requirements and health and safety aspects are considered.

  • It is the Managers responsibility to ensure that all vehicles and drivers used when transporting children comply with current regulations.
  • It is the Managers responsibility to ensure that trips or journeys involving transport are carefully planned.

This will be adhered to by the following being undertaken:


  • The provision of transport services e.g. taxis or minibuses should only be undertaken by recognised companies and these companies should have been assessed.
  • All vehicles must comply with legal and insurance requirements.
  • The vehicles should not carry more than the legally allowed number of passengers or weight.
  • All vehicles must be fitted with driver and passenger seatbelts and the Manager must ensure that both children and adults use these. Vehicles that do not have seatbelts should not be used.
  • Booster seats are not always required, the transport type dictates the need.